My fragile instrumental.. :'(

IMG_7708IMG_7710 IMG_7712

I wanted to make a strong instrumental. So i solder in to a protoboard. But It was failed.

I soldered it in wrong circuit.

I had to make it again, and i wasn’t have an enough time.

So my instrumental was so fragile.






스크린샷 2013-06-24 오후 4.38.18

This is a song what i want to sing.

To performance this song(only the part of first 5lines), i need a 10 code of guitar.


스크린샷 2013-06-24 오후 9.15.37


This is a 10 code, and my instrumental has a ten buttons.

But my instrumental doesn’t work at a time when i  push the buttons.

so my performance was ruined. Y.Y

Anyway, It was fun to me too! 🙂